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Food Allergen Info for Parents

School Lunch Program

Food Allergen Info for Parents

Allergens - Beef Products

Allergens - Bread Products

Allergens - Breakfast Products

Allergens - Chicken Products

Allergens - Condiments

Allergens - Fruit & Vegetables

Allergens - Miscellaneous

Allergens - Pizza Products

Allergens - Pork Products

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Allergy Information is listed by food product category in the column to the left.

Product category descriptions are as follows:

* Beef: This includes all beef products including meatballs, ground meat, etc.
* Bread: This includes all bread products including slices, buns, rolls, etc.
* Breakfast: This includes all breakfast starch foods such as French toast sticks and pancakes.
* Chicken: This includes all chicken products including chicken patties, nuggets, etc.
* Condiments: This includes all condiments, dressings, sauces, etc.
* Fruit and Vegetable: This includes all fresh, frozen, canned, and processed fruit and vegetable products.
* Miscellaneous: This includes charts detailing deli, cheese, fish, and pasta products.
* Pizza: This includes all pizza products including slices, pizza bagels, dough, etc.
* Pork: This includes all pork products including sausages, mixed meat products, etc.

Please be aware that all products listed are the brands that are normally ordered. If a vendor is out of stock on a particular brand, they may substitute another brand.

Parents of students with medically documented food allergies may contact Vyju Iyengar, Food Service Director, 508-613-1731, to discuss possible substitutions for items their child is allergic to.

How to Interpret the Charts:

  1. The Food Product column of the charts indicates the different food products served by the cafeteria.
  2. The Ingredient(s) of Concern column of the charts indicates the ingredients in each product that may contain common allergens.
  3. The columns that follow each indicate a common allergen (i.e. peanut, tree nut, soy, wheat, dairy, egg). If a box is marked with an "X", this indicates that the ingredient to the left of the "X" contains that particular allergen.
  4. Color-coding is intended to separate the different food products.


Food Products Ingredient of Concern Peanut Tree Nut Wheat Dairy Egg Soy
Mrs. Butterworth's Pancakes Soy Flour X

Updated: January 20, 2012  

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