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Entrepreneurship Projects and Rubrics

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Business Plan Report Rubric

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Business Plan Rubric
Business Plan Rubric
0 = no evidence
1 = little evidence major flaws
2 = adequate minimum standards
3 = Research well done, few minor omissions, met standards
4 = Research well done, exceeded minimum standards         
Points = 440
Cover Page
All information present, including:
Your name
Company’s name
Company logo
Telephone number
Fax number
E-mail address
0     1     2     3     4                
Table Of Contents
Includes each major section.
Includes page numbers.
Organized and neat.
0     1     2     3     4
Executive Summary
Each key section briefly summarized.
Specifically answers:
What business are you in?
Who is on the team?
Where will you locate and why?
What is your product/service?
How much capital will be needed?
Why we should invest in your company?
Length is one to three pages long.
0     1     2     3     4
Business Description
Complete and accurate overview of industry
Mission statement
Explanation for the business type, legal structure, name, and location chosen.
Description of  the product/service,why it is needed and what
makes it unique.
Describe the company's position and  pricing strategy.

0     1     2     3     4
Market Analysis
Customer profile - who are they, where are they, what do they need, where do they currently buy?
Research market demographics.
Research competiton. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Research labor availibility.
Estimate sales.
0     1     2     3     4
Sales and Marketing
How will you get potential customers to buy your product?
Develop a sales strategy.
Define your channel of distribution.
Research various advertising medias.
Select two medias for your business and state why.
Create two advertisements.
Create a promotional strategy.
0     1     2     3     4
Who are the managers?
What is their area of responsibility?
Who are the owners?
0     1     2     3     4
Identify your risks.
Identify your potential expenses and capital requirements.
Create your financial statements - cash flow, income and balance sheet.
0     1     2     3     4
All information sources are properly cited so that audiance can determine validity.
Use MLA format.
0     1     2     3     4
Report Mechanics
Check for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Slide show should include
0     1     2     3     4
Report Format
Must be no less than fifteen typed pages. This is in addition to the cover page, table of contents and bibliography.
Font size 12, Times New Roman.
Double space.
1" margins.
Bold and Underline the heading for each section.
0     1     2     3     4

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Quiz/Test/Business Plan Due Dates

*Friday, 9/29/06 Business Plan Part 1
*Wednesday, 10/04/06 - Test - Price Strategy and Business Types
*Tuesday, 10/17/06 - Test - Market Analysis
*Tuesday, 10/17/06 - Business Plan Part 2 *Promotioanal and Sales Strategy Paper- Due Tuesday, 10/31/06
*Promotioanal and Sales Strategy Test - Thursday, 11/2/06

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Study Guides

Unit 1 - What is an Entrepreneur?

What is Entrepreneurship?

Building Block of Business

Return on Investment

Opportunity Recognition

Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

Supply and Demand

Unit 2 - What Business Would You Like To Start?

Inventions and Product Development

Selecting Your Business: What's Your Competitive Advantage

Costs of Running a Business:Variable and Fixed

The Entrepreneurial Process

What is an Entrepreneur?

Your Potential As An Entrepreneur

Global Entrepreneurship

Feasibility and Business Planning

Math for Entrepreneurs

Industry and Market Analysis - Answer the questions on the last page. The assignment is due on Friday, Oct 3rd

Types of Business Ownership - Answer the questions on the last page.

The Legal Environment - Answer the questions on the last page of the study guide. The assignment is due on Wednesday, Oct 22th

Pricing Strategies - Answer the questions on the last page of the study guide. The assignment is due on Wednesday, Nov 12th

Financial Records - Answer the questions on the last page of the study guide. The assignment is due on Monday, Nov 24th

Promotion and Advertising - Answer the questions on the last page of the study guide. The assignment is due on Monday, Nov 24th

Purchasing and Inventory Management - Answer the questions on the last page of the study guide. The assignment is due on Monday, Dec 15th


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