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Evaluating Information on the Internet Final
Why Evaluate the Internet

Why Evaluate the Internet?


Culminating Activity


Your Final Quest:  You will be randomly assigned two of the Web Sites from the Hot List below.  You must go to each Web Site and evaluate it as we’ve done throughout this unit.  You will complete two forms of assessment as part of this evaluation.


Part I:


For each site, fill in this Online Web Site Evaluation Tool


When finished, send both evaluations electronically to your folder on the network server.


Part II:


For each site, write a detailed essay defending or attacking the integrity of your Web Site.  Be sure to give examples related to the criteria of accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage.   Proofread, edit and send your essays to your folder on the network server.  Remember, these essays will become part of your writing portfolio, so please do your best!


Please see the Rubric for grading details.



Hot List of Web SitesReal and Unreal


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Updated: May 10, 2003  

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