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Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
Vocabulary List for Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Vocabulary List for Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Add these words to your power word magic book.

1. reflective thoughtful about past events or behaviors, to look back; adj.

2. fluster to make or become confused; v

3. raise Cain to create a great commotion; to cause trouble; v

4. vast very great in size such as space, an ocean, a field, the horizon; adj.

5. incriminate to charge with a crime; v

6. insomnia inability to sleep; noun

7. suspicion mistrust; noun (suspect; verb)

8. idiosyncrasy oddity or unusualness; noun

9. crucify to be very cruel to; torment; v

10. scapegoat one to take the blame for someone else; noun

Questions to be answered on separate paper after you reread the story.

Can you think of a time when something bad happened and a group of people pointed the blame on someone? Explain.

Write about a time when someone was afraid and blamed someone else or picked on someone else to make themselves feel better.

Who are the monsters on Maple Street? Explain your answer.

Updated: October 12, 2010  

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