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Horace Mann Middle School > Grade 8 > Ms. Carroll > Study Guides

Photosynthesis & Cell Respiration Study Guide

Page 1:

Page 2:

Be Able to explain the following:

1. Write out the CHEMICAL FORMULA for Cell respiration: Oxygen +
sugar + water → ENERGY + carbon dioxide + water

2.Write out the CHEMICAL FORMULA for Photosynthesis: Carbon
dioxide + water - sunlight → SUGAR + oxygen + water

3. How is your respiratory system involved in cell respiration?

4. How is your digestive system involved in cell respiration?

5. What does your respiratory system have to do with Photosynthesis?

Page 3:

6. How are food webs affected by cellular respiration?

7. How are food webs affected by photosynthesis?

7. On the back or on a separate piece of paper, draw a picture
to illustrate the connections between cell respiration & photosynthesis

Page 4:

8. Be able to use the following words correctly:

1)Energy (ATP)
4)Carbon dioxide
13)Gas exchange
14)Chemical Digestion
15)Mechanical Digestion
23)Food chain
24)Food web
26)Cell Membrane

Further Study

9. The open response question(s) could be based around any of
the following. Write out the information, create a brain frame,
or outline for each topic below and come in with questions
BEFORE the quiz. Be able to explain...

Body Systems

- Be able to identify the hierarchy of all living things: cells
make up tissues, tissues make up organs, organs make up organ
systems, and organ systems work together to make up an organism!

- Identify the main parts of the respiratory system & their function

• Lungs, trachea, mouth / nose, bronchi / bronchioles, alveoli

- Identify the main parts of the digestive system & their function

• Mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, (bile), pancreas, small
intestine, large intestine, rectum / anus

- Identify the main parts of the circulatory system & their function

• Heart, veins, arteries, capillaries

- Explain the relationship between each of these body systems
(what do they do for one another? How do they interact?)

Plants, Food & Cell Respiration

- Identify the purpose of eating

- Explain the movement of energy from plants to animals

- Describe the importance of eating the right amount of calories

- Explain the importance of plants to all animals

Photosynthesis & Cell Respiration

- Identify the reactants and product of each chemical equation

• Photosynthesis: Carbon dioxide + water - sunlight → SUGAR + oxygen + water

• Cell respiration: Oxygen + sugar + water → ENERGY + carbon dioxide + water

- Identify the relationship between each process and explain why
animals need plants to survive

- Given the fact that ALL cells perform cell respiration, even
plant cells, could plants live with out animals? Would they
still have everything they needed to survive? Explain your answer


- Everything we have covered this year is fair game! Don’t
forget about diffusion & osmosis, the cell membrane, the scientific method...

10. Write any questions you have about these topics!

Updated: October 18, 2010  

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