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In the block center you will develop math concepts and motor skills.You also will learn to share and work with your friends. Maybe you will be an architect or builder when you grow up.


When you pretend and play dress-up, you will learn how to be a mommy, daddy, teacher, or doctor.


In the Math Center you will develop problem solving skills and get hands-on experience in counting, comparing, patterning, and measuring.


In the Art Center you will have the opportunity to develop your creativity and express yourself. As you experiment and have fun, you will develop social skills and your small muscles.


In the writing center you will find lots of interesting materials so you can learn how to write stories, letters, books, and more. Maybe you will be an author when you grow up.


In the library you will learn to love books and practice your reading skills.


Here you can observe, experiment, predict, and discover new things. These are the things real scientists do.

Updated: Aug 8, 2006  

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