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Oak Street Elementary School

< Science Links for Teaching Elementary Students

Science Resources


Creature Feature – Search for animals at National Geographic for kids

Wildlife Play and Learn– Click on various animal groups for more info

Animals- Links to Many Sites

Biodiversity Slide Show - Slides of the world animals with information on each one

Animal Kingdom – Follow the links for photos and info

Nature Animal guide – Search by letter of the alphabet for your favorite animal.

Animals of the World – Games that test your knowledge

A to Z animals – Interactive animal search for kids

Kids Planet – Activities related to endangered animals

Discover the World of the Deep

Birds- Links to Many Sites

National Geographic for Kids - Animal video clips

Online Field Journal of the American Museum of Natural History - Compares animals of the same kind

Fossweb Animals two by two Module Grades K-2
Match baby animals with their parents

Food Chain

Antarctic Ocean Food Web – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

Food Chain Movie – Learn how food chains build complex food pyramids

Food web – Choose from four food webs to build an interactive food chain

Web of Life – Story about the food chain and habitats

Fun with Food Webs by Harcourt

Pond Food Web

Create a Food Web


Biomes of the World

Biomes – Habitats – Links to child friendly info

Mission Biomes – Investigate biomes

Enchanted Learning Biomes- Kid friendly links and resources

Beautiful Biomes- Pictures and info describe each biome


Foss Tree Module Find which animals live near trees in different habitats Grades K-2

Pond Life

A Thousand Friend of Frogs celebrates frogs.

Ponds and Lakes – Explore various ponds and lakes

The Weird World of Frogs- info and animations

Sing a Long at Ribbit Pond – Play a game to learn the sounds of different frogs

Frederick Frog’s Slide Show

Insect Stages – An overview of pond life

Virtual Pond Dip

Foss Insect Module Grades K-2
Find insects on land and in ponds.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey – Lists Multi Links to various sites

To See if a Bird is Endangered,
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Avian Web

Hawk Mountain - Click “Raptors and Species Info”.

Wingmasters - Click “Specific Profiles”.

The Raptor Center - Click “Learn About Raptors”.
Click “Information About Raptors”.

Birds of Prey Foundation – Facts on different birds

Birds of Prey Website – Many links on raptors and birds of prey

The Peregrine Fund

Peregrine Fund – Videos of peregrines

Explore Birds of Prey – Photos and info on different birds

Birds of Prey – Sounds of birds plus pictures and info

Birds of Prey Facts

The Raptor Center – Select a bird and learn more.

The Owl Pages – All about Owls

The Aviary at Owls

Illinois Raptor Center

What Bird – Scroll down to search and look for your bird. Over 800 listed

Audubon Birds of America – Look under Family II for birds of Prey

Raptor Sounds – Click to hear the bird sounds


All about butterflies – A comprehensive hypertext book on butterflies with diagrams

Butterfly School – Photographs and info

Exploring butterflies – Great pictures and diagrams

Butterflies – Links to many sites

Fossweb Structures of Life Module
Test yourself on life cycles Grades 3-6

Journey North – The migration of the Monarch Butterfly

Billy Bear 4 Kids Butterfly site- Games, puzzles, activities

Butterflies – An entire page of Butterfly Links!


Photosynthesis – Harcourt Science Close up Video for Grade 3

Photosynthesis – Harcourt Science Close Up Video for Grades 4-5

Plants – Links to many Sites

Biology of plants - Watch animated video clips and learn about plants

Foss New Plants Module Grades K-2
Help Farmer Jane Plant her field and watch it grow

Life Cycle of Plants – Animated and clickable site with good facts

Biology 4 Kids- Everything you wanted to know about plants

Kids World – Plant Nutrition

Growing Plants- Activity where plants grow depending on the amount of water and light provided

Great Plant Escape - Help Detective LePlant solve cases and learn about plants

Helping Plants Grow Well

What Tree is it? Identify trees by leaf, fruit, and name.

The Study of Plant Parts

The Senses

Come to your Senses- Click on Mr. Potato Head to learn more about each sense.

Neuroscience for kids The Senses – Activities to use and test the senses

Stick Out your Tongue – Learn all about your tongue

Amazing Animal Senses – Interesting info

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks for kids- Written for kids with Links to rock information.

Ology – Earth – Our World in Motion –Great site for rocks and plate movement

Rocks and Minerals- An Entire Page of Links!

Rock Cycle – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

How Ice Cracks Rock- Harcourt Science Close up Video

Mineralogy Database- Pictures and descriptions of over 4,000 minerals

Rocks and Soils

Mineralogical Society of America's. Mineralogy 4 Kids

Rocks and Minerals Thinkquest

Geo-Mysteries – Animated games and activities

The Virtual Cave – Explore caves


Ology - The Gene Scene - Wonderful - An entire page of kid friendly links

Gene Scene - Three games to play

Sorting Games to teach branch classification

Animal Branching classification Game - Use the branching tree database to guess your animal

Genetics Kid Style

Genetics- An animated tour of the basics.


States of Matter – Animation from Harcourt

For interactive fun with Matter

Foss Solids and Liquids Module Grades K-2
Watch Changes as Temperature rises and cools

Solids and Liquids


Matter Changes Form

Changing State- Experiment on-line

Changing State – Gases – Experiment on-line

Mixtures and Solutions

Mixtures- Information and quizzes

Chemical Solutions - Information

Chem4Kids- Solutions and Mixtures

Fossweb Mixtures and Solutions Modules Grades 3-6
Find out what materials are in junk we throw out.


Learning About the Seasons – Great site with links and activities for each season

The Four Seasons – Games for primary students

The Seasons – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

Seasons- Links to Research/Informational Sites/Lesson Plans/Activities

Science and nature –Space- Explains the reasons for the seasons

Family Corner – Seasonal Coloring pages

Journey North – A Global Study of wildlife migration and seasonal change


What Happens During the Water Cycle- Harcourt Science Close Up Video

The Water Cycle - A video explaining the water cycle

Evaporation and Condensation - Harcourt Science Close Up Sound Video

Who wants to be a Millionaire- Weather Game

Lightning Movie – Learn about lightning and how to keep safe

Drinking Water and Ground Water for Kids – Follow links to games and activities for different ages

Weather- Animated weather.

Foss Air and Weather Module Grades K-2
Help the Bear dress for the weather

ETE’s K4 Earth Science Weather Game
Test your knowledge of weather

Cloud Types - PowerPoint show with photographs

EcoKids Be a Weather Watcher

Edheads Weather – Timed game to learn how to report and predict the weather

Weather Wiz Kids
Great Educational Site for Weather

Daily Maps of Jet Streams and Fronts

Questions about the Jet Stream

Cloudspeak- Learn about cloud types

Weather Topics

Wild Weather Game

Weather sources on-line

Weather- National Weather Service

Weather in Franklin

Weather Watch- Make your own weather!

The Solar System

Ology - Astronomy our Place in Space- Great site with games and links

NASA Kid's Club- Games with WALL-E and Buzz Lightyear!

Sea and Sky - Wonders of the Universe - Games and Photos

Zoom Astronomy - An Entire page of links

Full Moon to New Moon – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

Phases of the Moon – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

NASA Space Place for Kids

Space Shuttle Movie – Learn how the space shuttle takes off and lands

Planet Facts

Planet Links

All About our Solar System – Complete site with games, and reading selections with questions

The Earth and the Planets – Information and photos

Star Child The Planets – Kid friendly

Astronomy for Kids – Easy to read and understand

Starchild Learning Center for Young Astronauts

Space Patrol – A game with true and false questions about space as the planet is defended from asteroids.

Toon University – Space animation

Earth Sun, Moon

Our Solar System from Kids Astronomy

Astronomy for Kids

NASA Kids – Online books and activities

Windows to the Universe


Physics 4 Kids- Everything you wanted to know about Electricity and Magnetism

The Electricity Book – Brightly colored, interactive

Electric Circuit – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

Electricity and magnetism – Links to many sources

Foss Magnetism and Electricity

The Blobz Guide to Electricity

Experiment using electricity

Circuits and Conductors – Can you make an on-line circuit?

Changing circuits – Can you make the circuits work?

Frankenstein’s Lightning Laboratory


Who wants to be a Millionaire? – Sound game

How Sound reaches You – Harcourt Science Close Up Video

Fossweb Physics of Sound Grades 3-6

Sound in the air and in the Orchestra

Neuroscience for kids – Hearing Experiments

Changing sounds


Facts about Magnetism with printable worksheets

Magnets-Try your skill

Foss Magnetism and Electricity

Simple Machines

Simple machines- Explore the house and the tool shed. Learn about simple and compound machines.

Fossweb Levers and Pulleys
Build a Rube Goldberg Machine Grades 3-6

MI Kids Simple Machines- Photos and activities

Simple Machines – Animated examples

Simple Machines and the Rats of NIMH

Simple Machines Learning Site – Learn about simple machines and take the sample quiz.

Simple Machine Pop up quiz

Simple Machines Game from Harcourt

Simple Machines – Links to games and the history of simple machines

Simple Machine – More Links that describe each simple machine in colorful detail

MCAS - Science

MCAS Sample work and Scoring Guides

MCAS test items from previous years

Science practice quiz – Select Science 5

Fifth Grade Performance Skills Practice

Open Response Questions

Open response – Click on Science

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