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Remington Middle School > Math Specialist

Math Songs

I am a big music fan. I enjoy listening to all types of music. It occurred to me a number of years ago, that I should try to incorporate music into my math classroom, so I started writing songs. Each of the songs below are sung to a pop tune to help students remember math concepts. Some of the lyrics were written by my students.


I came up with a song parody to remember the distributive property

For help with integer addition, try "Hey Change Change"

For help with integer multiplication and division, try "Multiplication"

Finding the slope of a line is fun when you sing "Rise Over Run"

If you have ever forgotten to flip the sign when solving an inequality with a negative coefficient, try singing "Flip That Sign One More Time"

If you need help remembering the quadratic formula, try singing this song.

To help you remember the points of concurrency sing along with "Points of Concurrency"

Updated: August 23, 2010  

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