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Many QuickSites are created to specifically represent information of an organization.  Should that organization raise any issues regarding the content posted by any of their authors, the organization's concerns will be heavily weighted in any actions taken by the Franklin Webmaster- generally over the concerns of the direct author.  It is always preferred that any discrepancies between the author and the organization be managed within the processes of that organization.  

The Franklin Webmaster further maintains the right to terminate privileged access rights to any author, organization at its sole discretion.

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The web site is currently hosted with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  We have experienced complete and partial loss of availability from time to time.  We do not guarantee it will be available as there are many possible sources for failure such as human error and technology problems. The Franklin Webmaster monitors the site's availability and works closely with the ISP when problems arise.  Additionally, the QuickSite application is a custom application created by a volunteer  and as such there are no warranties as to its functionality and you use it at your own risk. 

These policies are subject to change at the discretion of the Franklin Webmaster or the Town of Franklin. You are always free to contact the webmaster for with any questions or concerns.

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